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DescriptionMinimumOne DayOne Week30 Days
CAST IRON PIPE CUTER - 1 1/2 - 6"$6.00$15.50$54.25$155.00   
PIPE DRIVER - BIT ONLY - 1 1/8: SHANK$10.00$30.00$105.00$300.00   
PIPE DRIVER - WELL CASING 1 1/4 TO 2" - ELEC.$22.50$67.50$236.25$675.00   
Pitless Adaptor Wrench$10.00$10.00$35.00$100.00   
WELL DRILL HEAD- LESS 3/4 X 4'. DRILL PIPE (DEP 100.00)$25.00$75.00$262.50$750.00   
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